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Who is Melissa Marie Lorimer - FAKE ANON - LIAR!

Who is Melissa Marie Lorimer

Melissa Marie Lorimer is well known in AUSTRALIA living in the city of PERTH, here are her details below.

Current Address: 63 Hudson St, Bayswater WA 6053

Google Maps:

Click this link for - Melissas Home address on Google Maps

Click this link for - Whitepages information about address and phone number details

Age 34

Sex: Female,

Phone: (08) 9370 2691 (No Longer Connected)

Mobile Number: 0474 084 405 (Current)

ABN Details: 79 197 254 933 (Currently Active)


About - Melissa Marie Lorimer.

ALIAS: Melissa Marie Honey Bee; Honey Queen



1) Well know amongst the Anonymous Collective as someone who advocate for child safety and
fights against all forms of child abuse and owns, runs, edits and admins many groups and pages to
do with Child Abuse.

2) A well known Pathological/Compulsive liar.

Other Doxers on this FAKE ANON:

What is Compulsive Lying Disorder?

As noted above, Melissa will lie without any conscience whatsoever, she will lie so much that she
will even believe in her own lies.

3) Melissa is Well known to cause division between the Anonymous Collective of hacktivists and
activists not just in Australia but in other countries as well, she does not care who a person is
male, female, what age or what location or status. If you DO NOT agree with her in any way she
will attack and bully that person as much as she can by way of lies, posts and harassing

Melissa has no morals, no regrets, no empathy and no regard for those who have helped her and
for those who gave her the benefit of the doubt about so many negative reports about her, she will
eventually turn on them too. She is not mentally stable and is addicted to Facebook even though
she has a new born baby, her main priority is NOT her new born baby but Facebook.

4) A well known drug addict, so much so, that her boyfriend and father of her new born baby is so
concerned that he even threatens to disclose and reveal the time when she said she was going to
kill her baby by taking as many drugs as possible.


See here at this link for those screen shots:

Other screen shots of this extremely concerning conversation:

She admits to trying to commit suicide while she is pregnant. Again, not a very good role
model for someone who claims to loath those who harm children.

NOTE: She threatens to have her boyfriend Garrett shot. Not the kind of threat a father to be
wants to hear.

Here she requests never to try to see his baby, before it is even born. What a great advocate of the
family unit. again threatening to have him shot.

This screen shot shows the valid concern Garrett Vedan has for his unborn son. Melissa say's she
has pumped the baby with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, causing much distress for her fiance. He also posted a link for her about the side affects of the drug METH.

5) Melissa (Who claims to be ANON), is extremely racist against Muslims:

She say's she likes Brutal Animalistic Sex. As seen here in her text.

Her photographs:


She uses her Anonymous page to scare people, here is a screen shot of her threatening to call the police on users:

Her FatherJohn Marcus Lorimer 
51 Waterview Pde, Southern River WA 6110 (08) 9398 2024

Her Lies:

We see all too many times Melissa using the "Tried to commit suicide card", she does this so win sympathy from her gullible friends on her list who thinks she is a victim, the actual truth is, she is the perpetrator.

Here is another lie, where she makes absolutely outrageous claims WITHOUT any screen shots to back them up.

This one below is a classic, using her news feed where she liked a comment from some one named Phil Freeman who had his account duplicated and she uses this to prove people duplicated her account. This is such a laugh and anyone who read it carefully would see how stupid she looked using another persons status to prove one of her lies.

Here is the LINK and watch this one go down: 

Here is another lie: 

The above bullshit is nothing new to olds chool Anons who know her, we know she always users the "Suicide Card" "Kids Card" "Innocent Victim Card" "This is Melissa's friend card" "We have her password Card, in fact, who the fuck starts of by saying that? 

If this was true, no one would have to mention that hahahahaha fucking imbecile she is. To the experienced, it is very easy to identify her bullshit and lies.

Okay so the UPDATE now is that she is at the Royal Perth Hospital

The page We Are Anonymous, did nothing, no posts 
about this freak on their page!

Here is the link: 

We called the Royal Perth Hospital and yes, she and Everliegh are at the Emergency Ward but here is the thing, her admission time is 18:50PM 26th Dec 2016 just a few hours ago, which means that Melissa is Soooooooooooo fucking bent on getting sympathy and attention that she realized that people will check up on her story and find out she is FOS and not at hospital that she has gone to the lengths to do something to get herself and her baby admitted.

Her post that she was in hospital was 12 hours ago as seen here:

This means she was just admitted a few hours ago, which also means, WOW this girl won't stop at anything to prove her lies.

She is currently using these two fake accounts to gain support for her lying posts and status updates about attempting suicide LOL just more fucking lies and games.

Melissa has no problem calling people sexual predators and bullying others over the years, here is a screen shot of her bullying an Anon and calling him a sexual predator knowing that he isn't but still continues to call people such vile names because she is being exposed for the evil person she is and has been for far too long online.

A message to Melissa Marie Lorimer.

You only have yourself to blame, years of harassment to other Anons by YOU and continuous lies about them have finally caught up with you and as usual you blame everyone else but yourself.

The TRUTH can never be hidden, just remember that!

You were warned never to start your shit again, but you couldn't help yourself and now we see what you are doing again and yet again you see yourself biting of more than you can chew and now you run for support.

You are so low, that you would hurt your own daughter and self just to get attention and support to prove that you are the victim, it is actually hilarious to see just how far you would go to do this and it goes to show just how sick in the head you are.

You keep lying and you will never change, no matter how many times and how many people forgive you and give you a chance you start your crap again and again and again for too many times.

You might have pathetic fake friends who obviously think this must be some game from people that have nothing better to do with their time or something and who don't wish to see the truth about you, but if they had a brain, they would have asked why do so many people hate you and expose you so much? 

The answer is simple, because of who you are behind your keyboard and your PMs you send people and then you deny ever sending them and try to cover them up.

People don't waste their time doing all of this for nothing, sadly, they don't know how to work this out.

We know what you are up to, you are doing all of this for attention and sympathy and making your pathetic threats to use against those who NEVER attacked you first.

I personally remember people telling me and warning me to stay away from you but I gave you a chance and you turned on me because you couldn't find the FreeLorax post and started calling me a fed and the page run by feds, how fucking low you are, calling people feds just because you couldn't find a post or two and then you blamed your fucking phone and then you blamed Facebook and then you blamed a hacker, you blame everyone but yourself.

You make promise after promise and never keep them, because you love drama and pissing people off. 

Now you are getting exposed and getting a bit of a taste of your own medicine you dish out to so many.

The TRUTH can never die, we all know the truth about YOU and no matter who you try to convince or fool there are so many Anons here in Australia and other parts of the world that know exactly the evil person you are, you will never fool too many.

Those whom do believe you are pathetic and they should be ashamed of themselves for not making the effort to read  all of the evidence that shows the real Melissa Marie Lorimer.

So you're saying you are in protection? lol, their is nowhere to hide from yourself, you need protection from yourself and so does your baby.

You spend more time on Facebook then you do caring for your own children, absolutely disgusting example for a mother.

BTW - Doctors don't take photos of screen shots lol,  you keep playing that fucking blame card and saying people are attacking your kids NO THEY AREN'T they are exposing YOU ONLY, you are the one attacking your kids by what you are doing, STOP posing nudes of yourself with a Guy Fawkes Mask, you are degrading and disrespecting the Anonymous idea, sadly so called Anons just seem to ignore this disgusting fake Anon act of yours.

No one has done anything behind your back, we at least not this person, you are the one doing shit behind people's backs after promising not to.

You have never told the truth about me or anyone for that fact, all you have ever done is cover up your own evil harassment to others and denied your actions.

The amount of people now laughing at you and seeing your true colours and the extent of how far you will go to win sympathy that you would drag your own daughter into your shit is nothing short but appalling.

No one has said your being in hospital is fake, the time you first said you went to hospital was a straight out lie that we exposed so then you went for real and arrived at -6:50pm some 12 hours after your first lie saying you went to hospital.

You keep saying people are attacking your baby, NO ONE HAS mentioned your baby in any posts or posted any pictures, YOU are the only one doing that!

Had you kept your promise and STOPPED your fucking bullshit none of this would have happened and YOU know it!

Now fuck off from the internet and start being a fucking mother instead of an attention seeking fucking lying keyboard warrior and STOP your bullshit online and your harassment and cyber bullying towards others.

VICTIM - PMSL what a fucking joke!!!! 

Here are some of your old archives with your threats to KILL people!

Your lies Melissa are being exposed, so this..
Seems about right.

The reason for this dox?

The Anonymous collective all over the world have had enough of her lies, her attacks, her division
between Anonymous members, especially in Australia, her cyber bullying, her compulsive lying,
her drama, her trolling, her false accusations, her cries for sympathy, her screams as a victim and

The TRUTH is, Melissa Marie Lorimer who uses so many sock accounts on Facebook is nothing
but a drama queen who seeks attention, wants to rule Anonymous, wants to famous as a hacker,
but asks others to do work for her in the name of help only to then claim such hacks ect.

She claims to be a hacker, a coder and more and is nothing but, she is a pure keyboard warrior
who need to focus on being good at being a mother not being good on a mother board. Melissa
will never stop her pathetic behavior, she will continue as the victim and show work by others
making many feel she is legit, genuine and sincere however, nothing good be further from the
truth, she is the biggest FAKE ANON for the second year running.

We have made this dox, for all to know and see what a liar she is and how much damage she has
caused amongst the collective.

Melissa tries to scare users online by saying and making the claim that she is some special forces, under fucking ground elite hacker that cannot be traced and is some covert underfuckingcover Anon who can do any kind of hacking PMFSL - Pissing Myself Fucking Laughing, what an absolute fucking JOKE!

The only hacking this retard does is hack at the peace and unity amongst the Anon collective by causing drama and using the same old reasons to continue to bring up old issues, past drama and old wounds.

Sadly, she has some fans, who believe her bullshit, lies and acting of playing the victim, but time
has now shown and proven it is her who is the trouble maker and drama queen.

GET OFF THE FUCKING COMPUTER AND INTERNET MELISSA MARIE LORIMER, everyone is a wake up to your bullshit and we have all had enough, now log off and delete your accounts because the mother board is not your friend, spend time being a mother with your son, take your medication and forget about helping REAL anons against child abuse until such time you show
yourself as caring for your own child.

You are a child abuser yourself, by neglecting your own children including your baby before he was even born, smoking, drinking taking drugs and trying to harm your baby.


No one wants to hear your bullshit anymore, stay offline and get your life into order as a mother.
We are Anonymous and you have been demasked!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lorraine Murphy aka Raincoaster FAKE ANON LIAR.

Lorraine Murphy..

We have a question?

On your website here:  you claim you were celebrating your birthday on July 10 2013.

You posted all the details, text and all the pictures, yourself.

This picture here you claimed was YOUR birthday cake on the day.

You even commented to Metan, when she said "Although I'm not one for pink
ribbons they set the tentacles off beautifully", Your reply.. "THEY DO INDEED".

So our question is, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL (Metan) that it wasn't really
your birthday cake, but that you edited the cake and added a pink heart with
your name on it to LIE and FOOL people into believing it was your cake, HUH?

Why even make up such a pathetic story and lie and deceive people on your own website, how many other people have you deceived?

In fact, the cake was posted on Jan 30th 2011 by Aletha B and you edited out
the writing so that people wouldn't see that it wasn't a cake with your name on it.

As seen here:

In fact you posted the FAKE LORRAINE BIRTHDAY CAKE 2 years after this cake was posted online from the website. PMSL

Ooops Lorraine Murphy aka Raincoaster, YOU  have Been BUSTED lying.
You know what they say, "Once a liar, always a liar"!

If you are going to post a FAKE CAKE that wasn't yours to trick and mislead people
then who knows what other lies you have been spreading?

We have been watching you for some time now and we have noticed that you like to cause drama amongst the Anonymous collective and cause division by lying and spreading lies.

We also notice that you are using your Anonymous network to continue to post your FUNDRAZR to get money for your arm (Who knows if this is a lie also?), Anonymous is NOT your tool Loarraine to go around posting a fundrazr all over the internet.

Facebook Account:
Lorraine Murphy - PAYPAL:
LinKedin Account: Typical LYING Journalist.
Other Site:

"Once a LIAR, always a LIAR"!
 Typical Journo lol.

So you like to call the FBI huh and call everyone predators?
Still pushing that Fundrzr everywhere we see too.

You want people to use your skills? what at lying lol?

Lorraine the liar DOX:

I.P.'s / 25 -Nmap slow comp. scan

Port, 33459, UDP, Closed, Unknown

Maltego Recon

Associated Sites:

Associated Emails - / Associated Phone Numbers













One phone number we left out as it was connected to

very high profile emails.



   Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 440

   Whois Server:

   Referral URL:

   Name Server: NS1.WORDPRESS.COM

   Name Server: NS2.WORDPRESS.COM

Registry Domain ID: 1853015544_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN

Admin Street: 106-350 East Pender St

Admin City: Vancouver

Admin State/Province: British Columbia

Admin Postal Code: V6A 3X4

Admin Country: CA

Admin Phone: +1.7782350592

Admin Phone Ext:

Admin Fax:

Admin Fax Ext:

Admin Email:

Registry Tech ID: Not Available From Registry

Tech Name: Lorraine Murphy

Tech Organization: raincoaster media inc

Tech Street: 106-350 East Pender St

Tech City: Vancouver

Tech State/Province: British Columbia

Tech Postal Code: V6A 3X4

Tech Country: CA

Tech Phone: +1.7782350592

Tech Phone Ext:

Tech Fax:

Tech Fax Ext:

Tech Email:



Traceroute I.P.'s

Service Scan

FTP - 21    Error: TimedOut

SMTP - 25   Error: TimedOut

HTTP - 80   HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Server: nginx

Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 02:44:09 GMT

Content-Type: text/html

Content-Length: 178

Connection: close


X-ac: 3.dfw _dfw

POP3 - 110  Error: TimedOut

IMAP - 143  Error: TimedOut

HTTPS - 443 Certificate validation errors: None

Signature algorithm: sha256RSA

Public key size: 2048 bits

Issuer: CN=Let's Encrypt Authority X3, O=Let's Encrypt, C=US



Serial number: 0361B8B22F467845368F78DA1DB323463F91

Not valid before: 2016-08-15 17:51:00Z

Not valid after: 2016-11-13 17:51:00Z

SHA1 fingerprint: E28BE6474FBE92A8E171A4AEFFDC4A15572E4240

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Server: nginx

Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 02:44:13 GMT

Content-Type: text/html

Content-Length: 178

Connection: close

Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=86400


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Anonymous - Expect Us In 2017

A Message For The Elite
all corrupt governments and politicians
greedy bankers, greedy CEO's
greedy corporations..



Monday, January 2, 2017

Nguyen Than Dung - Child torturer - from VIETNAM

Nguyen Than Dung, 34YO, has been identified as the sick evil monster in a video, where he tortures a young 2yo little boy from Cambodia.

This video is absolutely shocking to say the least, how anyone could do this to a little boy and hear his screams is beyond believe. 

Here is the video however an extremely STRONG WARNING is given as images are graphic.


* NGUYEN THAN DUNG is the abuser in the video who is currently in prison in VIETNAM.

* Nguyen Than Dung was arrested last week in HO CHI MINH CITY - VIETNAM

* Vietnamese Police discovered about 50 videos of DUNG torturing this little boy.

* Nguyen Than Dung has a 53yo Dutch boyfriend named Stefan Struik.

* Nguyen Than Dung Facebook  

* Stefan Struik Facebook

* Nguyen Than Dung, is using the excuse to police that he was using METH at the time.

* Dung filmed the videos alone (He claims).

* If Vietnam do not extradite Dung Nguyen he will only face a maximum of 3 years prison.

* If he is extradited back to Cambodia he will face between 10-20 years in prison. 

This is what ANONYMOUS is requesting from the Vietnamese Government, namely, that Nguyen Than DUNG is extradited back to Cambodia, please sign our petition for his extradition back to Cambodia so he can face the maximum punishment for his inhumane and evil acts or torture upon such a little boy.

* The abuse happened in August 2016,

* Stefan Struik uses the Cambodian alias of Ly Heng

* Stefan Struik is the CEO of Kam Kav Cacao Plantation Farm in Monodokiri.

* Also involved is 28yo Ret Soty and 25yo Eou Nat.

UPDATE: Bunnat Eou and Reth Sothy have been cleared from this investigation.

* Stefan Struik is now in CUSTODY by the Kompong Cham Province Police

* Stefan Struik's farm is in Cambodia in the Mondolkiri Province

* Charges including Concealing evidence and failing to report abuse - for Stefan Struik.

* The other two involved are also in police custody

* Dung Nguyen's female cousin, found the videos and tried to extort $440US dollars or post video

* The little boys parents actually worked for Stefan Struik on his farm.

* A wealthy businessman in Cambodia Mong Reththy moved by this horrific story has offered to
   purchase the boy and his parents a farm and a house.
* The 2yo little boy had evidence of being anally raped (police report by Mr Sambath)

* The Cambodian Prime Minister's daughter Hun Mana has paid for all medical expenses for the little boy.

* The little boy is currently at the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital.

*The Vietnamese Ambassodor to Cambodia has met with the parents of the little boy and has given a kind donation to them to help them with this horrible situation.

NOTE: The Dutch businessman Stefan Struik 53 is denying all of the charges however, if he had no knowledge of this video and abuse, then why did he travel to Vietnam with Dung to look for Dung's cousin who threatened to upload the video unless they paid her 10 Million $VND  or $440US dollars?

Also Note: Why did Stefan Struik help Nguyen Than Dung flee back to Vietnam if he had no knowledge of what he had done?
Here are some photos EXPOSING all of these evil monsters.



Stefan Struik (aka) Ly Heng

ANONYMOUS.. Finds this case extremely horrific and we are requesting as many people as possible sign our petition to have Nguyen Than Dung extradited back to Cambodia, so justice can be served and he can serve the maximum punishment possible for his heinous crime.
We will update this case and any further developments as we learn from them.
Also, please remember to post some supporting comments at the Hospital (LINK ABOVE) where the little boy is currently at.
Thank You all so much and could you please help spread this post.

Friday, December 30, 2016

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In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed this post.