Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So you want to join ANONYMOUS?

So you want to join Anonymous?

So you want to join Anonymous - Watch this video first. 

You cannot join Anonymous. Nobody can join Anonymous.
Anonymous is not an organization, It is not a club, a party or even a movement.
There is no charter, no manifest, no membership fees.
Anonymous has no leaders, no gurus, no ideologists.

We all have a voice!

In fact, it does not even have a fixed ideology.
All we are is people who travel a short distance together -much like commuters who meet in a bus or tram: For a brief period of time we have the same route, share a common goal, purpose or dislike.
And on this journey together, we may well change the world.
Nobody can speak for Anonymous. Nobody could say, you are in, or you are out.
Do you still want to join Anonymous? Well, you are in if you want to.

In this family, no one fights alone - We are united as one!

How to get in contact with others? (Start by searching for your local group).
Anonymous has no centralized infrastructure.
We use existing facilities of the Internet, especially social networks, and we are ready to hop on to the next one if this one seems compromised, is under attack, or starts to bore us.
At the time of this writing, Facebook, Twitter and the IR Cap pear to host the most active congregations. But this may change at any time.Still, these are probably the best places to get started.
Look for terms like "Anonymous", "anon ops" and other keywords that might be connected to our activities.

How do I recognize other Anonymous?

 Normally we wear the Guy Fawkes Mask - United as one.

We come from all places of society, we are students, workers, clerks, unemployed; We are young or old, we wear smart clothes or rugs, we are hedonists, ascetics, joy riders, activists or hacktivists.
We come from all races, countries and ethnicities.

We are many.

Million Mask March 2013 - Brisbane - AUSTRALIA,

We are your neighbors, your co-workers, your hairdressers, your bus drivers and your network administrators.
We are the guy on the street with the suitcase and the girl in the bar you are trying to chat up. 
We are anonymous.
Many of us like to wear Guy Fawkes masks at demonstrations, protests or rally’s. Some of us even show them in their profile pictures on social networks. That helps to recognize each other.
Have you been infiltrated? No!
We are everywhere and our numbers are uncountable and growing, this scares our governments and the Elite, some agencies might try to learn about us but we will soon out smart them and find out who they are.
Anonymous is not a government psyops, we sprang from 4Chan not some sleazy government department, some my pretend to be us and fool many but watching what they do will show who they really are.
Anonymous does not have any Official YouTube Channel, Twitter Account, Facebook page or social media headquarters.

Anonymous Warning about fake Anons by Government agents and greedy impostors 

How do I protect my privacy?
Invent an alias, a nick, a pseudonym ... call it as you will,just invent something. Then register a mail account in that name with one of the big mail providers. Use this email address to register your Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts.
Make sure to clear all cookies before you start using your new identity, or better use a different web browser for Anonymous than for your other activities.
If you have higher needs for security, ask us about encryption, stenography, TOR, etc. Many of us know how to use them. We will always respect your need for privacy.
We will never ask for your personal information. If we do, we will not expect a truthful answer; And neither should you.
What is the right thing to do?
The only person who can tell you what is right for you is yourself, this is also the only person you should follow, we have no leaders, you are also the only person responsible for your actions, do what you think is right, do not what you think is wrong.
How many Anonymous are there?
We are more than you think, we are more than anybody thinks, we are many and you are now one of us, we are legion for we are many.

We are legion.

Welcome to Anonymous.
Every Year on November 5th, Anonymous marches at our Million Mask March,

Million Mask March - November 5th - World Wide Annual Event.

anyone can join us on this day to stand as one against our corrupt governments and be untied as one against all injustices around the world, we welcome all.

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Anonymous - MMM - Million Mask March - November 5th
 Your personal invitation to our Million Mask March

Anonymous - million mask march 2016 - Invite video

Anonymous Code, to help you along the way!

Please SHARE this note for others to learn and know more about ANONYMOUS!
Thank You and Welcome to Anonymous Family.
We are Anonymous, we are legion, united as one, divided by zero, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us!

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

911 - What you really need to read learn and watch, to know the TRUTH.


If you love truth then this post will shock you and open your eyes to the REAL truth about >> 911 and give you the real reasons why this evil event took place.

Danny Jowenko was a demolition expert, he was shown a video of tower 7 that fell on 911, this was the 47 story Salomon Brothers Building.

It housed the CIA, Secret Service, Defence, banks and the FBI just to name a few government agencies who were tenants in this building.

This building was going to investigate the missing $2.3 Trillion dollars, missing from the Pentagon which Donald Rumsfeld mentioned 1 day before September 11 2001, tower 7 was also going to investigate other important missing money and corporate frauds worth $$Billions from Worldcom and the $70 Billion Electricity swindle to do with ENRON.

Are you getting the picture here yet?

Danny Jowenko was not told about tower 7 and he was asked to give his opinions on it, not knowing why he continued to watch the video, then he said, it was a job well done, using explosives, but was then told it was Tower 7 from 911 and that it fell because of two floor fires, his reaction on film went viral why?

Because Danny Jowenko being an expert just confirmed what now over 1500 architects, engineers, explosives and demolition experts have all concluded, it was taken down by controlled demolition NOT by floor fires that the US Government and their funded NIST report wants us to believe.

After his interview when word got out of this experts opinion, he died 3 days later from a car crash, apparently by hitting a tree.

However, look at the mark on the tree and notice his front bumper bar undamaged and with no visible scratch mark on it as it should show when looking at the tree markings.

Also, how come Jane Stanley on her LIVE TV report with the BBC mentions Tower 7 has collapsed but when you look over her shoulder it is still standing, then her LIVE feed gets cut, because people would have been calling in saying why are you saying this building has collapsed when we can clearly see it's still there? The LIVE feed then gets turned off as if it was a technical difficulty.

Danny Jowenko and many others are victims of the cover up of the $2.3 Trillion Dollars missing from the Pentagon (Thus why those investigating this at the Pentagon also got killed by a missile) and all of the other frauds that were being investigated from Tower 7 and as they always say, FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!


Also just as sad is that unfortunately, not many people will actually bother watching all of the videos and evidence that clearly points to 911 being an inside job.

Governments have been known to kill their citizens for years and when people want to cover something up or profit financially, there is NOTHING these greedy pigs won't do.
This is the TRUTH right here, what will you decide to do, share it or move on?
Watch these videos if you really want to know the ‪#‎Truth‬
9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon:

BBC reports WTC 7 collapsed...BEFORE it collapsed!

9/11 Exposed 2nd Edition - Documentary (2015)

9/11: Conspiracy Solved - Full Documentary


Phone Call With Danny Jowenko- Died 3 days latter After PressTv interview:


10 Disturbing 9/11 Facts

911 Jumpers 9/11 in 18 mins Plane Crashes World Trade Center Towers September 11 Terror Fact Video:
"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off"

~ Anonymous

Monday, June 20, 2016

Orlando Shooting Eye Witness Christopher Hansen is a Writer/Director/Actor born Bjorn Jiskoot Jnr - Exposed by Anonymous

#Orlando #OrlandoShooting


#America You have been lied to...

Your so called main eye witness of the Orlando Shooting named Christopher (Chris) Hansen is actually Bjorn Jiskoot Jr, so the question is, WHY LIE ABOUT HIS NAME?

What we found out about Bjorn Jiskoo Jr will piss you off and it should!

Real name: Bjorn Jiskoot Jr

Occupation: Actor:

Screenwriter at Screenwriting
Actor at SAG Eligible Actor
Actor at /Film
Actor at Kent/Litchfield Hills Film Festival
Producer (music) at Dead Celebrity Pictures
Actor at RnD Entertainment Studios
Director at Film Director
Works at Actor
Former Actor at Acting
Former Actor at Entertainment industry
Former Singer at Rock Music
Former Actor at Independent Actor
Former Actor at DaJa Vu Films
Former Actor at Terminal 52 Films
Former Actor at Velvet Rhodes Productions
Former Actor at Film Industry
Former Model at Performing Arts San Antonio
Former Model at Unique Casting™
Worked at Molly Keaton
Worked at Platinum Assassin Productions
Worked at American Film Institute
Worked at Los Angeles –
Studied Supervision and Management in the Public Sector at Polk State College
Studied A.A. (Associate Degree in Liberal Arts) at Polk Community College
Went to Bartow Senior High School
Lives in Orlando, Florida
Married to Nicole Maassen-Jiskoot
From Bartow, Florida
Pronounces name BYORN JI-skoot

Married to: Nicole Maassen

Wedding photos:



Father and Mother together:

Eye witness account of Orlando Nightclub Pulse Shooting--The worst shooting in US history:

Orlando club shooting witness: ‘It’s like you’re at a gun range": 01:03 min

Known as Christopher Hansen - Why the false name?

Orlando Shooting - Eyewitness & Survivor Interview:

Orlando gay nightclub shooting Aftermath raw video:

Mass shooting at Orlando gay nightclub: Wounded evacuated from deadly attack scene:

bloody scenes inside club after hearing 'bang, bang, bang' of constant gunfire:
So we Anonymous has clearly shown evidence that this Christopher Hansen is an ACTOR and he is using a different name and the question should be why?

Also, why is it that he is in SOOOOOO many videos giving eye witness accounts? Does that not ring alarm bells to you?

Not too mention
Luis Burbano has now been exposed as an actor also:

Search all of them including Omar Mateen on IMBd.
This is a damn joke, that at all these shootings they are using actors.

We hate to think about what we will find out on the next mass shooting in the #USA
~ Anonymous

Sunday, May 1, 2016


(We hope the media gets this post also)

We have a serious post that needs to be shared all around the world.

We have someone who is trying to hijack our name and idea for their own political and financial gain and we must NOT allow this.

Address: 224 GARDEN PARK, OREM, UT 84057

Here is the person behind the FAKE anonymous #HumanityParty which is trying to get people to VOTEANONYMOUS2016.

Now we bring you smashing evidence of his involvement in infiltrating of our name and idea.

AnonHQ is also behind this and supporting him who just maybe also behind AnonHQ which is a fake page giving Anonymous a bad name.

Registered Human Party: Details for Committee ID : C00582957

Information & Evidence: Treasurer Name: CHRISTOPHER M NEMELKA

Address Humanity Party - C00582957

True humanity party:

This guy was an ex Mormon and Cult leader:

Christopher Nemelka to host LDS Temple Symposium:

Christopher Nemelka will conduct a symposium this Sunday afternoon at the Salt Lake City Main Library on his interpretation of the meaning of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' temple endowment.---

Nemelka says he is "the world's foremost expert on Joseph Smith and Mormonism," claiming "there is no other person on this earth who knows Joseph Smith and his true history as I do."

Along with claiming to have translated the "sealed portion" of the Book of Mormon, Nemelka has written a biography of Joseph Smith called Without Disclosing My True Identity. Nemelka says he is Joseph's brother Hyrum, reincarnated, and claims Joseph Smith has regularly visited him.

He says in an e-mail that his intention behind the symposium is to get public feedback on a video he has prepared about what goes on in LDS temples.

Cult Leader Planning to Hijack Anonymous Identity:

NOTE THE Anonymous logos and pics and the Humanity Party Banner.

He also promoted suicide:

Much more here:
His co-friend also pretending to be Anon is Tony Saiki

See his details on page 8 at bottom:

As you can see, that is the evidence of his involvement with the VOTEANONYMOUS2016 Humanity Party.

This guys profile is pumping and pushing for his Humanity Party he is talking about so much it is NOT what Anonymous is about and he is pushing the Morman faith, again NOT what Anonymous does.

See here:


Note his name here on the Humanity Party Register:

Religious info they are promoting:

See here:

ALL OF THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN HITTING THE WEB, causing problems and confusion with the public and the name of Anonymous.

Here: Anonymous plans to create new political party in the US, called 'Humanity Party'

Sadly this has NOTHING to do with Anonymous:

and here:

ANONHQ involvement: Promoting these fuckwits.

Vote Anonymous 2016!

AnonHQ Fake Facebook Page:
Humanity Party Info:

Humanity Page: Looks good but they are deceiving.

Their Video: Also looks good but BEWARE

Their Facebook Page:

Their Twitter Account:
Here is another so called (Anonymous Official) page, channel supporting Humanity Party.

Facebook: Fake (Not Official - We don't have one)

Their FAKE twitter account:

Their FAKE website:
More info here: 

As you can see they have NOTHING to do with the real Anonymous and these people are FAKE they are using the name of Anonymous for political and financial gain.


Unlike these hijackers and join us very soon on our huge attack that is coming.
As we and others have now clearly shown the #HumanityParty has NOTHING to do with the real Anonymous and these people are FAKE they are using the name of Anonymous for political and financial gain.

They DO not care about citizens they only care about Power, Fame and money and they must be exposed and the word must get out.

This page has been doing it's best to keep our supporters always in the light and we have been exposing these fakes for some times now such as here, and here

ANONS it is time we all took back our name and idea and put an end to these imposters and fakes.

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST and keep watching for our attack coming soon, that you and anyone who supports Anonymous can join in with.

We are Anonymous,
we are legion,
united as one,
divided by zero,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
All fakes and imposters,
Expect Us.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Confectionary Science Co - #OpShitLordingSherbet

Anonymous does not like businesses to use the name of Anonymous for profit or gain.

This person has been warned to change their business name and has refused to listen to the collective here in Australia.

No problem Micheal and Cheryl Dunshea, you were warned, so don't complain.

Do not use the name of Anonymous to profit.

We will find you.

Micheal, Cheryl Dunshea, Scarlett and Timbo, you should have expected us!

Funny thing is, after checking one of their profiles namely Timbo, he had not even liked one Anonymous page or group?

Thinks he can come across as an Anonymous supporter and can use the name of Anonymous - Bad Move!

Here is the business name:
Confectionery Science Co


Here is the business Facebook Page:

Registered to:

Michael Stuart Dunshea
Phone: (+61) [Intl no zero] 0484827853
False Business address on website used.




NAME: Michael Stuart Dunshea
ABN: 89 741 315 756
Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Dunshea confirmed here:

Personal details here: Home Address:

ABN Here:

Below is the information we have found out:

Here is Cheryl Dunshea's profile:

Her picture:

Personal Details:


Clearly using the name of Anonymous to sell all kinds of stuff including a RAVE party - FFS.,+Marcoola+QLD+4564/@-26.6082663,153.0927301,3a,28.6y,288.72h,86.18t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sTyiq7yc3NlgU-UcwOfZplg!2e0!6s%2F

Confirmed the number here:!contact-us/tgoec

Found the White pages helpful here:

Expect Us :) Micheal and Cheryl Dunshea

2 First Ave Marcoola Qld 4564, Australia

C Dunshea
0423 878 297

Herbalife Australasia Pty Ltd
Mobile Service
0423 878 297

Anonymous is a collective of #Anons from all around the world, our idea and the name Anonymous that we use is NOT for sale and we will not stand by and watch people use our name to profit.

We are Anonymous,
we are legion,
united as one,
divided by zero,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
Expect Us!